The Cooperation between Haichang Holdings and Taomee

In February 2015, the movie “Legend of the Moles 3 -The Magic Train Adventure” (《摩尔庄园大电影3:魔幻列车大冒险》)jointly produced by Haichang Holdings and Taomee was released. Haichang Polar Ocean World, which was integrated into the movie as a fascinating tourist destination, attracts little Moles, and demonstrates wonderful polar marine culture for children.


The cooperation between Haichang Holdings and Taomee is considered to be beneficial to the extension of Haichang's product value chain, in addition to creative IP and the further development of an innovative polar marine culture. Taomee is the first children's entertainment and media company in China that listed on the NYSE. It currently enjoys 530 million online registered users.

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