Free Entrance Was Granted to Visitors of Zodiac Horse, Dolphin Performance Venue Was Full of Visitor

Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park Attracted Numerous Visitors during the Spring Festival Holiday

Upon the arrival of the Spring Festival, many people selected the form of family travel to celebrate the festival. As one of the main scenic spots in Dalian, Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park attracted numerous visitors during the Spring Festival holiday; the total number of visitors received a year-on-year increase of 30%.

As described by the staff of Laohutan Pole Aquarium, along with the improvement in living standards and the change in consumption concepts, more and more people changed the way to celebrate the Spring Festival, gradually changing to “travel” from original “staying at home”. It has become a popular trend to visit scenic spots with family members during the Golden Week holiday. Since lunar December 23 of 2013, Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park has implemented the policy of “visitor of zodiac horse is granted free entrance and his/her family members are entitled to preferential price”. From then on, the number of visitors began to increase. Since lunar January 2 of 2014, the number of visitors received a remarkable increase, dominated by family travel. All the seats for dolphin performance venue in Laohutan Pole Aquarium were occupied by visitors almost everyday, some visitors without seats even stood to watch the performance. In order to meet the viewing needs of visitors, the number of daily performances in Pole Aquarium was increased to five during the Spring Festival period from original two. In addition, the scientific information and interaction between visitors and animals were added to the contents of performance.

During the Spring Festival period, the winter theme activity “Antarctica Fairytale Village” in Laohutan Ocean Park attracted a lot of visitors with their family members. Many visitors came to the snow park in “Antarctica Fairytale Village”, where such snow projects as “Crazy Frisbee”, “Polar Drift”, “Snowmobiling Adventure” and “Ali Baba Seeks Treasure” won the favor of many adults and children. It was warm in Dalian in the first days of the Spring Festival holiday, so the emperor penguin family could not stay in outdoor “Antarctica Fairytale Village”. But upon the coming of cold air on lunar January 4, emperor penguins came outside to meet with visitors. Many visitors took photos with rare emperor penguins from Antarctica; the visitors experienced close contact with polar animals while playing with snow.

In addition, the activity of “visitor of zodiac horse is granted free entrance and his/her family members are entitled to preferential price” is continued in Laohutan Ocean Park. The visitor of zodiac horse (from Dalian or other cities) can visit Laohutan Ocean Park free of charge by presenting his/her ID card, and 2 family members accompanying him/her can purchase tickets at the preferential price of 120 Yuan/person. If there is no family member of zodiac horse but 3 family members or more purchase tickets at the same time, the preferential price of 150 Yuan/person will be available. The visitor who purchases full-fare ticket at 190 Yuan will be given a special gift by Laohutan Ocean Park. In addition, the children lower than 1.5m led by their guardians will be granted free entrance to Laohutan Ocean Park and Pole Aquarium. This preferential activity will continue until the Lantern Festival on lunar January 15.

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