Yantai Whale Shark Museum——Canopy Film


Above me slowly opened the canopy, the blue sky, the white clouds and the vast sea, a huge seagoing vessel quietly parked not far on the left side; if look carefully, you can vaguely see the mottled text and huge anchor. Then slowly elevated sea level, white blisters rising, “Look! Our observation cabin has begun to dive!”

Accompanied by deep cello, large groups of whales approached from the left top like a space fleet – the huge blue whale is the silent carrier and the white whale of smaller size and vivacity are faithful guardians jumping front and back, escorting the whales and swimming back and forth thoroughly delighted. When they are about to touch the submersible diving chamber, they neatly spread out in all directions, followed by the big blue whale swimming across rubbing the side wall of the diving chamber like a huge ship in water, the next two humpback whales waving their gigantic pectoral fins passing the diving chamber from up and down, then 6 killer whales and 10 narwhals neatly spreading out in front of the diving chamber, and suddenly the dolphins came back to us from nowhere, cheerfully swimming in circle surrounding us!

With a vigorous blew, the huge blue whale rose from the side of the horizon, dolphins swam in scary and the huge blue whale’s body came close to the diving chamber, the gorgeous prom ended…

In the film, there are tens of thousands of dolphins and sardines spectacularly dancing in the water, there are breathtaking scenes of underwater beast the whale and octopus. The “protagonists” in this film are not shot at the sea bottom but created through the ultra-realistic three-dimensional simulation technology by computer production staffs and they are so real as if they were just in front of you.

When the white polar bear “bang bang bang” came at me with eyes staring, it seemed as if it was going to come out of the screen and as it breathed, my friend backed subconsciously.

The rotating flying fish and the ribbon-like drifting whales rolled with angelic music dived down from the sky. The seemed endless sea can be touched like velvet, giving people a lot of wonderful imagination. The dreamy and exciting magnificent natural landscape of seabed renders the audiences unforgettable immersive experiences of underwater adventure and the perfect combination of the light and shadow are truly unpredictable and totally amazing.

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