Haichang Polar Ocean World

Vast universe and chilly polar world bring people only remote and mysterious. Today, you can be immersive and cross the north and south poles in the mere time of one day. Isn’t it fantastic?

On a sunny day, full of expectations, you knocked the door of Haichang Polar Ocean World and the moment you entered the Polar hall, the eyes are pulled by an amazing power, as if a polar world started unfolding slowly in front of you, then you suddenly forgot all the hustle and bustle of the city and gradually calmed down.

There is a world for the Arctic king the polar bears, a garden for the sentimental and passionate dancer the white whale, clubs for the Antarctic gentlemen the penguins as well as a piano room for dolphins. The intelligent sea lions, clumsy walruses, calm sea turtles and elegant whale sharksalong the way, things upon things push your emotions to the climax, you could not help to give a heartfelt praises that this trip is indeed worthwhile.

Within only one day, a panoramic view of the north and south polar world are all yours. Experiencing with the heart the holy white world has left you with a beautiful memory. Carefully thought of this trip makes your thumbs up: Haichang Polar Ocean World, impressive!

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