Romantic Night in Passionate Discoveryland

Float parade lit long night

Every summer, many tourists are attracted to have romantic nights in Discoveryland. When it comes to the starting point of “nightlife”, many people would say in unison it is the “Discovery Square”. With its open space, complete lighting facilities, complete landscaping, here attracts all types of tourists from the elderly to children and students to couples, all able to find their favorite elements here. Each summer, it is the high time for the luminous floats specifically created by the Discoveryland to meet the tourists. Backed by advanced technology, the pirate ship floats and underwater world floats decorated by thousands of lanterns well designed by top fashion designers of South Korea become luminous sparkling pearl as wonderful performances warmed up for night show in flowing light and color, taking visitors to the carnival atmosphere of the Caribbean coast.

Challenging speed in thrill night

As the day of Discoveryland impresses people with its stylish stimulation, the night of Discoveryland has exuded in everywhere a sense of charming fantasy. Roar on the “Spinning Around” under bright lights while rapidly leaving your rainbow shadow; overlooking down from the 50 meter space shuttle with lights ignited at night, the ring like seat is just like a fluorescent ribbon and the night of the Golden Pebble Beach full of dangling lights of the city and the stars and shadows on the water as they adding radiance to each other. While enjoying the splendid view, tourists must also be careful or maybe the next second you will experience in person the instant feeling of “free fall” on the physics textbook.

Intoxicating “Caribbean Carnival” party

Holding a glass of cool beer, feel the fresh of Discoveryland night show, accompanied by the passionate and dynamic electronic music, while the hot Latin American band raising the curtain of a carnival party, the expected battle between justice and evil and the legend between the hero and the beauty are playing in the Discoveryland. The large-scale live performance “Caribbean Carnival” is based on an international star cast of experienced stage actors from multiple European and American countries. Pirates in the past we only got to see in the cinema “revived” outside the silver screen, bringing more enjoyment seeing brave Captain Jack fighting against undead skeletons in the gun fire scenes. After stage play, the grand finale exciting fireworks will appear lasting for more than ten minutes, lighting up the night sky of Golden Pebble Beach creating an unprecedented romantic air, bringing the atmosphere of Discoveryland night carnival to the highest point.

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