Travelling in Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park

Laohutan Ocean Park first impressed me with its beautiful scenery and its cleanness. Wandering there, you are surrounded by mountains and sea and laughter. There is one through-ticket and all facilities, recreational projects and various performances are very attractive, giving many choices for visitors. Seeing beautiful polar marine animals and interesting performances, unconsciously as if I am back to my childhood, such innocent, relaxed and happy.

Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park is a comprehensive park integrating marine animal and Antarctic animals. I think it is better to call the park a sea world, which has a coral museum full of living corals, both beautiful and unique, and there is the famous Tiger Polar Museum, small animal performances and the World of Birds of numerous precious exotic birds. This is must-see when you come to Dalian, with my wholehearted recommendation.

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