Yantai Fisherman’s Wharf, a Must-go for Family Tour

On a business trip to Yantai, one of my friends took me to the Fishermans Wharf scenic spot at Binhai Middle Road, Laishan District of Yantai. Being there, I felt very good. By the sea, the spot has combined everything from tourism, leisure, entertainment to dining and shopping.

What impressed me most is when my friend taking me to whale shark museum . That is my first time seeing big huge whale swimming around in the giant aquarium, which is very impressing and so are the many other kinds of good-looking marine lives. After visiting the whale shark museum, we had a fancy seafood dinner at the food street around, truly fantastic. Later we went to the Yudaishan Hot Spring nearby. I heard there is a pure Japanese “super sento”. They had rooms for guests to stay and the salt rock room, loess room, ice room, oxygen bar and all the other recreational facilities are really nice and cozy.

Next time to Yantai, I will definitely bring my family together. I believe Yantai Fisherman’s Wharf will surely become a must visit spot for visitors to Yantai.

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