Chengdu Polar Ocean World is located in southern part of Chengdu Huayang Zhentianfu Avenue. It is a theme park-Polar Ocean World subjecting to Haichang Holdings combining tourism, recreation, vacation, shopping, and entertainment, etc.

Chengdu Polar Ocean World is a theme park around Arctic and Antarctic animal display, performance and polar science education, which was started on Jul. 28, 2010. The Park constantly infuses the pure and magical polar culture into local recreational tourism features and its brand implication of “Recreational Chengnan Town” will add a new card to the city.

Chengdu Polar Ocean World consists of five core sectors: covering one polar animals’ exhibition area, whales and dolphins arena, Gaiety Theatre, marine animal display area and a style island relaxation area, and each sector is separately enclosed by a number of animal-themed branch museums. Through use of artificial snow park landscape, artificial sea water, life support systems and other high technologies, the polar animals can live leisurely in the inland and so as to bring the tourists new feelings of polar fantasy.

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